The cryptocurrency market is changing as scores of brand-new initiatives involving digital assets appear on the market. NFT, metaverse, and GameFi projects are currently dominating. Due to the volatility of digital asset prices and the possibility of daily dynamics, investing in cryptocurrencies has grown in popularity as a way to multiply money. It enables profiting from price changes.

There are numerous trading tactics. Others are complex and demand skill, while some are simple for beginners. Every day, traders employ a variety of trading tools, including:

  • staking;
  • trading on margin;
  • futures;
  • spot trading
  • etc.

These tools are all accessible on crypto platforms.

An exchange for cryptocurrencies is a platform where you may practise trading and make money. Specific platforms are accessible globally, while others are only partially functioning in some countries due to more onerous government laws.

Two of the most well-known European platforms will be discussed in this article, along with the top cryptocurrency exchange in the UK.


This well-known cryptocurrency platform enables stock market and cryptocurrency investing. Over 120 digital assets, including the most well-liked ones, are supported by the exchange.

eToro offers free demo trading using demo tokens. Consequently, you can practise your trading techniques without having to worry about losing your personal money.

The site levies a 1% commission on all purchases and sales of assets. Deposits and withdrawals are made in USD, thus there will be a cost if you want to convert your funds into another currency to cash them out. The withdrawal commission is $5.

It is common to utilise this cryptocurrency exchange in the UK. It provides an eToro Money application where UK customers can convert currencies without paying any costs. For reliable storage and immediate transactions, the app is often utilised as a wallet.


a new cryptocurrency platform with over 2 million users operating in the European market. You can use your bank card to purchase and sell digital assets because it supports transactions in fiat currencies. Simply no fees apply to transactions made with Monobank cards. It is best to check before completing the transaction because other banks impose different commissions.

Additionally, WhiteBIT offers a comprehensive range of trading options, including futures with no expiration date, smart staking programmes, and 400 crypto pairs.

The price for all operations is 0.10 percent, which is standard in the industry. Keep in mind that banks’ fees are computed independently when you link your bank card to your WhiteBIT account.

The trading platform works for both new and experienced traders. Additionally, it provides demo trading, where you may hone your abilities using practise tokens.

The finest cryptocurrency exchange in the UK is WhiteBIT since it is user-friendly for beginners, offers reasonable costs for all transactions, and has all the tools needed for practical trading.