Before spending too much time and money on marketing and advertising a new product, you should be certain that it will sell. Before launching a product entirely, you should get customer feedback through beta tests and surveys to make sure it will be a success. Here are five free tools you may use in 2022 to gather customer feedback on products.

Zonka Reaction

Trying to find flawless criticism? Zonka Feedback is a platform for gathering product feedback that can handle all of your requirements. Using pre-loaded survey templates makes it simple to get feedback while on the go. The survey can be customised so that metrics like NPS, CES, CSAT, and more can be added. For any questions you may have about the product or templates, the tool provides live support. Utilize several integrations to connect with your customers via email, web, kiosk, mobile, and offline surveys, wherever they may be.

Massive Analytics

What do you think about providing a sample of your product without charge? Why not use statistics to determine the viability of that proposal instead of putting it on hold? A product-feedback platform provided by Heap Analytics makes it simple to test prototypes, exchange findings, and get user input. Consider using Heap Analytics if you want to get feedback for a low cost.


With the help of this feedback tool, you may tag your leads with particular surveys and questions that will enable you to contact them later. Using Intercom, you may ask prospects who haven’t made a purchase from you yet what features are lacking from your products and convince them to do so. Customers’ comments will help determine how much of an improvement needs to be made for a future release if they believe that your product doesn’t do everything that they need it to. The ability to use consumer insights from targeted client groups is a terrific method to go about making adjustments more effectively once you start building up larger customer bases and are looking for ways to improve your product across a wider variety of customers.


Hotjar is the best option if you’re searching for a quick and simple solution to interview your customers. This tool gives you access to comprehensive data that might help you enhance what you’re offering now or in the future, as well as the ability to run surveys and track website traffic. Hotjar is a great tool if your firm is still in its early phases and requires all the input it can gather, whether it’s surveys or sessions tracking your site activity.


Do you want opinions on a product or idea you have? asks AskNicely’s founder, Danica Wu. This entertaining tool for getting customer feedback on your products is a free way to get input on your new venture and turn it from a concept on paper (or a computer screen) into a functioning business. Once a question is created, you can post it on social media or embed it in your website so that visitors can respond. The best part: If someone has supplied specific thoughts that would be useful to realise, you can follow up with them directly—and even pay them!—by viewing who has responded. It’s like having access to free consultants at any time!


Prodsight is a platform that can help you gain instant, in-the-moment feedback on your product, so it’s worth looking into. With the help of an easy-to-use interface, users can easily create surveys and polls without having to log in. Therefore, Prodsight might be useful if you require immediate user feedback before making a development or design decision. It’s also helpful for people who have never used a free product feedback tool before because of its straightforward interface and availability of free options; if you need quick usability or app testing data without blowing your budget or needing any coding experience (or even using a website), Prodsight is an easy way to get started.


With so many great items available, it can be challenging for businesses and entrepreneurs to stand apart from the crowd. Fortunately, consumers love to share their opinions on new products, which makes free product feedback platforms like ThingWorx Analytics for IoT Devices so effective. Once your product has been released, you should immediately begin using a product-feedback tool. As you react to customer input, your product will improve over time. And having a fantastic product is all you need these days with so much competition on every market!